Steam Bath System

Steams Bath Generator Model F-70G

Product Details:
  • Brand: Steamers India
  • Usage: Hotel, Professional, Household

From its beginning, Steamers India has been entirely devoted to redefining the steam bathing
experience. It supplies the powerful soothing steam which could be found in large commercial
steam generators, provides precision made design and advance engineering that makes the
smallest detail into a work of art. The Steamers India F65 Series is a unique fusion of power,
elegance that pushes the boundaries of a steam bathing experience.

Features of the F-70G-S series

  • Stainless Steel boiler tank.
  • Industrial Stainless heating elements.
  • Factory installed Automatic Flush.
  • Brass Chrome plated Steam heads with aroma oil reservoir.
  • Steam room temperature sensor.
  • Stainless steel exterior body.
  • Serviceable heating elements.
  • Super quiet operation.
  • Fresh water after every use.
  • 3 level water sensing operation of boiler tank.
  • State-of-the-art electronic steamer
  • operations circuit board.
  • Limited Two-Years warranty.
  • Compact design.
  • Minimal water usage for steam.
  • ASME Pressure release valve.
  • Brass intake and drain valves.
  • Quick and continuous steam

This blend of steam bathing and luxury remains an attractive and yet exclusive combination.
Today the Steamers India F-70G Series draws on the best characteristics of previous steam
generators and takes the concept to another level.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: MODEL_F-70G-S
  • Port of Dispatch: PUNE
  • Production Capacity: 50
  • Delivery Time: 8 TO 10 DAYS

Steams Bath Generator Model FN-90

Product Details:
  • Brand: Steamers India
  • Usage: Hotel, Professional, Household, Spa
  • Massage Centre: Defence
  • Gym: Resorts
  • Sports Stadium: Club House

Model No FN-90 Steam bath control system
Steam bath control system

Applicable Usage
Steam Bath Equipment
Steam Bath Chamber
Commercial Steam Bath

This latest generation of steam Bath Unit with Touch Control is designed to be very reliable and produce ample steam for steam rooms. Within this kit you will receive Steam Bath Generator,
an attractive high quality digital touch screen controller with a
timer that is programmable, easy to adjust and above all reliable,
a superb quality polished stainless steel steam outlet and full fitting
instructions. Our generators are built to comply to the toughest safety certifications.
Our steam making machines have anti-interference designed circuitry which makes the circuit boards highly processed and reliable.
Each machine has automatic hi limit protection, auto drain functions and are certified as IP65 for safety.
Each steam bath is supplied with a 2 year guarantee with a
1 year full replacement or repair and 2 years all parts.

We also offer wall folding seats for comfortable steaming sessions.

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Powerful Steam generator.

Fast steam generation System design.

Stainless steel tanks.

Energy saving multi heating elements.

Super Powerful heating elements.

* Supplied as an installation kit.

* Powerful steam generator.

* Fast steam generation.

* Digital Touch Sensitive steam control.

* Produces steam within 160 seconds.

* Easy installation of steam rooms.

* Easy fitting into normal showers.

* IP65 safety certication.

* Dimensions 400 x 370 x 160mm

* Insulation wall boards - 10mm thick.

* 2 year product guarantee.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: FN-90G
  • Port of Dispatch: PUNE
  • Production Capacity: 50
  • Delivery Time: 8 TO 10 DAYS

Steam Bath Digital Control Panel Manual

Steam Bath Digital Control Panel Model THD-85E

Model THD 85-E Series
Suitable for 4.5kw, 6.0kw, 9.0kw




1. Smart control panel

2. Digital control

3. Steam temperature adjustable

4. Time Setting: 0-60mins

5. Overheat Protection ensure safety

6. Decompression Device

7. Auto-drain after bath.



Additional Information:
  • Item Code: THD-85_Operational_Manual

Steam Bath Generator Domestic System Model F-65G

Product Details:
  • Brand: Steamers India
  • Usage: Hotel, Professional, Household

We supply Steam Bath Machine

  • Auto Power Flush™ pressurized inner tank cleaning system
  • 2 year in-home warranty warranty
  • Fast Start™ steam in seconds…not minutes
  • For showers up to 500 cubic feet
  • Constant Steam at a Constant Rate.
  • Split tank enhances performance and life-span
  • Superior heating elements - low watt density
  • Can be plumbed 50ft. from the shower without purchasing a larger kW unit
  • Superior heating elements - low watt density
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 208-240 volt plug-in power cord (5 ft.)
  • Water tight data link cable for control

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: F65-G_Series
  • Port of Dispatch: PUNE
  • Production Capacity: 50
  • Delivery Time: 4 TO 5 DAYS

Steam Bath Equipment

Product Details:
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit
  • Equipment Capacity: 4.5 kw to 18 kw
  • Features: Digital
  • Intended Use: Residential
  • Types: steam bath unit


This steam generator kit includes the following:

- Programmable Steam Generator
- Digital control panel with finishing frame (cable length to the steam generator is approximately 3.3m)
- Temp sensor (approx. 2m total cable length)
- Flow solenoid valve
- water inlet & outlet connention 
- Steam outlet pipe (approx. 18" length)

Steam generator Size: 386mm x 160mm x 390mm
Control Panel Size: 90mm x 165mm

Build your own steam room with the exclusive Steamers India steam generator kit, which includes everything you need to get up and running.
The steam generator boils water drawn from your main supply to start producing steam. This steam is sent down the outlet pipe into your
newly built steam room, working to increase the temperature of the space set by the user.

Steam Room Vs Sauna Room

A steam room works to increase both humidity and temperature - the higher the humidity within the spare, the hotter the user will feel at the same temperature.
A steam room can feel significantly hotter that a dry sauna at the same temperature due to the difference in humidity.

High Quality Materials

The Steamers India steam generator is designed to last, with stainless steel reservoir and casing. The heating element is built from a combination of
Stainless Steel 316 grade materials suitable for most working environments including residential and commercial.

Warranty and Support

All Steamers India kits are built to the standards expected by the Steamers India brand, complete with a 12 months warranty against all parts.
In addition, all kits are supported by our extensive spares range

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: F-65G-1
  • Production Capacity: 50 UNITS
  • Packaging Details: BOC CARTOON

Steam Bath Generator Model THD-85E

Product Details:
  • Brand: Steamers India
  • Usage: Hotel, Professional, Household
  • German Heating Technology: Touch Digital Control Panel

Model No THD-85E Series

Steam generator Specifications:

  • Application of high quality heating elements and water separation toensure that the heating elements can be used under all kinds of water for 5years.
  • Using the new technology to increase the steam efficiency by20%-30% than the traditional style;
  • Adopting a mechanical pressure relief valve and electronic pressure pretection device to ensure the steam generator work more secure.
  • Assorting an automatic electric drain valve but not a solenoid valve todrain water more thoroughly, makes work more reliable and health.
  • 10cm width slim design, makes the space installation more adaptable.6. Available Power: 4.5KW, 6KW, 9KW, 12KW, 15KW, 18KW

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: THD-85_E
  • Port of Dispatch: PUNE
  • Production Capacity: 50
  • Delivery Time: 8 TO 10 DAYS

Steam Bath Generator

Steam Bath Benefits & Tips


5 Most Important Health Benefits of Steam Baths 1. Force the Toxins out of Your Body

This is probably the most important from all the health benefits of steam baths. Our modern lives are taking away from us the necessity of doing almost any physical effort. This leads to a reduced metabolic rate which has as a side effect a reduction in our sweating, which favors the accumulation of toxins in our bodies. Using a steam room can change this situation around: you can sweat naturally and this helps your body to push out those toxins while the steam comes in and cleans the skin pores.

2. Ameliorate Your Skin’s Health and Tone

There is already a benefit from the cleaning of your body and skin, but a steam bath can do more than this. It actually goes to the root of the problem. The heat and steam work together on your body and they cause a change for the better of your metabolism and blood flow. Your skin will be nourished more efficiently, and even the metabolism of your skin will improve. You may be able to see some effects on your skin’s tone and smoothness after the first sessions. As the health of your skin improves, your skin will look better, more radiant and shiny.

3. Bring Relaxation and Rejuvenation to Your Life with a Steam Bath

Recover much easier and healthier after an exercise routine or a hard working day while relaxing in a steam bath. Heat dilates your blood vessels and this helps your muscles to relax, but a steam bath can improve the health of your joints, too. Some people use steam with good results for taking away or reducing the pain in their stiff joints and regaining more mobility.

4. Ease Your Breathing

Steam opens the airways in the lungs and it is known as a fact that it can ease your breathing   Through increased blood flow it can help diminish some respiratory congestions or inflammations. It is verified that it can also aid in bringing relief to respiratory problems such as asthma and sinusitis. Even patients with some types of bronchitis and allergies can find some relief from using a steam bath.

5. Stimulate Your Immune System by Taking Regular Steam Baths

Your body has its own defense mechanism and that is known as the immune system. A sedentary life can slow down your metabolism and your immune system as well. Intense activity associated with high level of stress could also have the same effect. You can push your immune system in the right direction by taking a steam baths. This practice will awaken your immune system and make it more efficient at fighting all types of germs, because when your body temperature goes up, your body sees this as a possible consequence of an infection. As a result more white cells and antibodies will be produced.

As you see, the benefits of steam baths have a positive impact on your body, skin, mind and overall health.

So, what are you waiting for – go and take a steam bath and enjoy the amazing health benefits of steam baths.

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Steam Bath Generator

  • Technical Specification Chart For Steam Bath Generator
    A Steam Generator: Factory-assembled unit complete with

    Machinery Specification

    Instant steam with in 4 mint

      Steam Bath Generator
        • Highly durable enclosure with argon gas welded stainless steel boiler with sloped bottom, tested at 5 Kg/
        • Steam Boiler Insulation in 50mm thick LRB mineral wool Boiler Enclosure Made in 16 Swg MS in exclusively chosen powder coated shades with proper lowers for free air circulation.
        • Long Life Low Watt Density stainless steel 316 Industrial immersion heaters with faster & more efficient heating systems.
        • Electronically Micro based controlled automatic water feed with “LOW “or “NO WATER” cut-off systems.
        • Pressure relief valve set at 3 kg /cm2.
        • Failsafe Imported thermostatic with high limit control inside the boiler. 
        • All SS / Brass / Chrome fittings.
        • Exclusive control panel with a higher safety factor, greater reliability and lesser maintenance using colored conductors and silver tipped Siemens contactors for years of trouble free “ ON-OFF” operations
        • Automatically pressure flushes tank every time unit is shut off (Auto Servicing)

        Piping, Fittings, and Valves:
        • Water Input: Solenoid valve Italy 1/2-inch (8 mm) orifice diameter PVC Body provide shutoff valve and 10-micron sediment filter.
        • Automatic Pressure Flush: Optional1 inch (25 mm) diameter Piping from hot water supply; ½ hp pump, 5/8” motorizes drain valve with Auto Flush Systems
        • Drain: ½” inch (12 mm) diameter; connect to sanitary drain piping.
        • Steam Piping: 3/4" (20mm) & 1/2 inch (12 mm) diameter outlet
        • Pressure Relief Valve: 1/2 inch (12 mm) 
        • Steam Line Pipe Double General Technical recommendations for Steam
        • Try to install Steam Boiler closer to the Steam Room, which allows you to minimize heat, loses.
        • Use minimum 1’ X 1 ‘glazed or ceramic Tiles for steam room lesser the gaps you reduce heat loses.
        • Keep the doors open after use of Steam to avoid odor smell.
        • Carry out water proofing of flooring in Steam room.
        • Always Provide separate Nahni Trap in Steam Room


      Additional Information:
      • Item Code: F65-G

      Steam Room Aroma Doing Pump

      Product Details:
      • Brand: Steamers India
      • Head: 3/4"
      • Model: 2 way Aroma dosing Pump
      • 1. perfect workmanship: 2. Varies design
      • 3. Factory price!: 4.Digital LED display

      Steam room aroma dosing pump
      With digital control panel

      2 Way Fragrance Pump / Aroma pump for steam room / shower room / sauna room

      Steamres India Steam Aroma Fragrance Pump

      The new patented Steamers India Aroma Fragrance Pump with unique Fragrance-On-Demand feature allows users to control the pump from inside the steam room at the touch of a button. The small compact unit uses a long life carbon brush pump to quietly draw liquid aroma up to 2m from ground level so there is no need to mount heavy bottles on the wall. All parts are easy to access in case of any future maintenance. The dosage quantity and frequency can be easily adjusted on the front of the unit.

      The pump is automatically activated via the temperature sensor attached to the steam pipe or users can manually operate via the Fragrance-On-Demand button supplied with the unit to be located inside the steam room.

      We recomend Steam Aroma fragrance concentrates for use with this pump - Please see Steam Aroma category for our complete range. 

      For further information please contact our sales team or
      download the product manual

      Additional Information:
      • Item Code: Steam_room_Aroma_Dosing_Pump
      • Port of Dispatch: PUNE
      • Delivery Time: 4 TO 5 DAYS
      • Packaging Details: Box Cartoon
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