Sauna Heaters And Sauna Control Panel

Sauna Bath Touch Control Panel Model St2-101

Product Details:
  • Color: Black ABS
  • Color: Black ABS
  • Size: Capacity from 3 kw to 24 kw
  • Size: Capacity from 3 kw to 24 kw
  • Usage: Sauna bath heater
  • Usage: Sauna bath heater
  • Color: Black ABS
  • Usage: Sauna bath heater

Sauna bath Capacitive Touch Control panel
Model ST2-101 Series
Additional Information:
  • Item Code: ST2-101
  • Port of Dispatch: Pune
  • Production Capacity: 50 UNITS
  • Delivery Time: 15 DAYS

Sauna Heaters SIHT-12KW

Product Details:
  • Color: Stainless Steel Mirror Finish
  • Size: 280*410*570mm
  • Usage: Commercial Sauna Heater
  • Lager Space for sauna rocks: Water Spill Proof Electrical Connection

Commercials Sauna Heater Model SIHT-12 kW

12Kw Heavy Duty Sauna Heater

Free standing sauna heater for heavy duty commercial use.

An extra heavy duty free standing sauna heater in stainless steel.
Built for day long operation and equipped with Long life incalloy elements
-supplied complete with a quantity of rocks, user instructions and 12 months
guarantee. Please note the controls are supplied separately if required.

Please note sauna heaters do not operate from a 3 pin plug, they require hard
wiring using high temperature Teflon cable. (not included).
Electricians can normally obtain this from their supplier or call our
sales office to purchase from ourselves. The length you will require depends
upon the distance between where you locate your switch and the heater.

For heavily insulated cabins larger volumes will be possible. i.e.
100mm insulation all around the cabin.

Our range of top quality sauna heaters and sauna control panels are acknowledged in the market for its high performance. All of the heaters come with the Digital control panel to operate them. Mechanical controls can be built-on to the heater, or separate, for wall-mounted outside the sauna. We also provide the digital controls for more features and better control of your sauna environment. Sauna heaters range from 12 KW watts heater. We have Original LAVA sauna stoves for all sauna requirements, residential or commercial applications. Available in different specifications these heaters and control panels can be customized accordingly as per the specification set by the clients.



Additional Information:
  • Item Code: SIHT-12KW
  • Port of Dispatch: PUNE
  • Production Capacity: 20
  • Delivery Time: 8 TO 10 DAYS

Sauna Bath Heater S-S Series

Sauna Bath Heater S-S Series

Model SMART F-65

  • Specially Design For Good Sauna.
  • Stain Steel Body 304 Grade with mirror polished
  • Water proof connection for any shock hazard
  • Double Overheat Protection for High Reliable
  • 100% safe for pouring water on stone
  • Scientifically designed air flow to heaters
  • Large space to provide stone
  • Available from 3kw to 9 kw capacity.


Sauna Bath Commercial Heater

Sauna bath commercial heater
34. G Professional free-standing heater

Triple shell design in two sizes:
15/18/21 kW  30 kg Stones
24/27/30/36 kW  45 kg Stones

Inside and outside shell completely made from high-grade steel 

Ultra Long Life Elements

Deeper rock tray brings rocks closer to the heating elements

Ultra low watt density, long life, elements. Heating elements are 50% longer than our standard industry leading element length. The ultra low watt density element allows for an extended warranty.

Large rock basket made from chrome-nickel steelBottom plate in a drip-tray design
 Twin-circuit wiring

Large Rock Capacity, Radiated heat and convection due to the appropriate amount of rocks.

Specifically Designed for WET And Dry Use
 Dimensions HWD 950 x 750 x 530 mm Dimensions HWD 950 x 1000 x 530 mm 
Additional Information:
  • Item Code: SIHT-COM

Sauna Heater Model SISHT-SERIES

Product Details:
  • Color: Stainless Steel Mirror Finish
  • Size: 480*410*570mm
  • Usage: Commercial Sauna Heater

Sauna Commercial Heater Including Separate Controls and Main Contactor Box

For Large Sauna Rooms Capacity Ranges from 15kw / 18 kw/ 24Kw

Heater Dimensions: 24"W x 20"D x 30"H
Designed for Commercial Saunas
Heavy Duty Use
For Very Large Sauna Rooms
Floor Standing Sauna Heater
Low Surface Temperatures
Stainless Steel Interior & Exterior
Stainless Steel Heating Elements
Huge Rock Capacity
Sauna Stones (Not Included)
External Separate Controls INCLUDED
Main Contactor Box INCLUDED
10 Years Limited Warranty

Sauna Heater Ever Built

We set out to a true Commercials Saunas heater with no compromises and only the best materials for the commercial series sauna heater. The body is made entirely from stainless steel which will stand up over time looking as beautiful as the day you purchased it. The rock tray capacity is easily one of the largest in the industry so that when you pour water over the stones a rush of steam is instantly released.
Finally, The heater element that is built to commercial specifications to ensure they are the longest lasting in the industry and still provide fast start up times.
Commercial Sauna Heater Package With Everything Included

The commercial series sauna heater is a complete package that includes everything. The commercial heater, separate controls, commercial contactor box as well as the Finnish sauna stones are all included in this package. This makes this commercial sauna heater not only the best commercial sauna heater on the market today but also the best value that is available. Largest Sauna Heater Rock Capacity On The Market

The Commercial series sauna heater is specifically designed to
pour water over the hot Sauna stones to create instantaneous steam.

This sauna heater is ideal for using essential sauna fragrances which offers a tremendous amount of unique health benefits.
Creating this sauna environment with essential oils will allow the sauna bather to enjoy a perfect sauna experience.
This sauna heater offers the largest rock tray capacity compared to any other sauna heater available today.
Additional Information:
  • Port of Dispatch: PUNE
  • Production Capacity: 20
  • Delivery Time: 8 TO 10 DAYS

Sauna Accessories

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: Accessories

Infrared Sauna Carbon Heater

Infrared Heater

Sauna Bath Heater Digital Controller Model F-95

Product Details:
  • Color: Stainless steel Mirror Finshin
  • Size: Capacity 3 kw to 9 kw
  • Usage: Sauna Room

Sauna Heater Digital Control Panel
Out Standing Features

Control panel
  • Feather Touch membrane switch Control
  • Energy Efficient
  • Illuminated Timer easy to use
  • Digital Sauna Room Indication
  • Digital Timer display preset 0 to 5 hr
  • Digital Sauna Room Thermostatic Controller
  • Dual High Limit Thermostatic Controller systems
  • Illuminated System Function Indication
  • Anti-static sauna room temp sensor
  • Dual Sauna Temperature controller for 100% safe cutoff
  • ABS Body.

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: F-95
  • Port of Dispatch: PUNE
  • Production Capacity: 50
  • Delivery Time: 4 TO 5 DAYS
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