Sauna Bath Wooden Room

Sauna Bath Construction Details

Steamers India Specifications Sauna Wooden Construction Specification

General specifications:

Framing of walls and ceiling shall be of dry Douglas Fir, or Westrern Hemlock wooden construction grade no.1 or 2, 16" center. Use pressure treated plates (against concrete)

Ceiling shall be 7' 0" from finished floor to ceiling joists (16" center)

Door shall be roughed in at 26"x 82" and must open out Insulation of walls and ceiling shall be of R11 foil faced fiberglass batts (R19 if Sauna has exterior location)

Drywall shall be 5/8" firewall (only if required by local building codes) Added Vapor Barrier shall be of Type C construction foil over insulation or drywall--walls and ceiling (recommended as second vapor barrier)

Flooring shall be of hard surfaced, waterproof type-concrete, ceramic tile, heavy-duty seamless vinyl

Floor Drain is recommended for new construction and is essential for commercial and public Big Saunas

Exterior Walls shall be of drywall, panelling, tile, etc. and exterior painting, door finishing, etc. shall be included



Electrical specifications:

Rough-in for Sauna controls, heater, room light shall be as per Steamers India wiring diagram (provided with control box or in heater box)

Hookup of controls, heater, light shall be as per Steamers India wiring diagram. COPPER WIRE ONLY



Steamers india sauna room specifications:

Walls and Ceiling shall be 1/2"x 4" select, certified, kiln-dried (moisture content not exceeding 11%To 15) T&G, v joint, clear, 1/2"x 4" vertical grain Douglas Fir, clear 1/2"x 4" Western Red Cedar, or clear 1/2"x 4" V.G. Western Hemlock. All boards shall be blind nailed with 5p galvanized, hot dipped nails.

The following specs shall include and match one of the three woods chosen above:


Benches shall be clear S4S kiln-dried 2"x 2" tops with ½" spacing and 2"x 4" facing; glued and fastened with exposed nails countersunk. Bench tops shall be fastened from bottom to eliminate exposed metal


Door shall be FGD 2'0"x6' 8" of vertical grain Douglas Fir or Western Hemlock rails and clear hermetically sealed, double glass, tempered (16"x60") with casing, jamb, and threshold wood


Door Hardware shall be (3) 4"x 4" butt hinges, Ives ball catch MP347B3. (2) Wooden door pulls 080


Vents shall be (2) 4"x 10" louvered V10 for upper wall placement and lower wall placement. RO = 3¾"x9¾".

Removable Flooring shall be Super Deck interlocking 12" squares-sanitary, non-skid surface in terra cotta colour-over walking area of base floor

Light shall be wall-mounted, vapor-proof Progress P5511, satin finish cast aluminium, rated for 75 watts

Sauna Heater shall be Steamers India model SISU…as per cubic room footage and voltage requirements

Heater Fence shall be of 2"x 2" &1" x 2" and shall be placed 2½" away from Sauna heater

Temperature Control

Accessories listed in accessory section of the site

Stones shall be a peridotite, heat tested, and igneous type lava stones from Finland

Warranty shall be 5 yr. on room materials and workmanship and 2 yr. limited warranty on Sauna heaters when installed according to Steamers India specifications and wiring information


Additional Information:
  • Item Code: Sauna_Room
  • Packaging Details: Maintenance

    Steamers India Sauna heaters and rooms require minimum care and maintenance. Basic household methods, including cleaning of Sauna room floor with a product such as Pine Sol, and occasional scrubbing of benches with a mild soap, is necessary for sanitary and odor-free atmosphere. When wood becomes dark or stained from perspiration, a light sanding will help to restore its beautiful appearance. Do not use sealers, paint or varnish on interior wood, as toxic vapors could be dangerous in the high temperatures of a Sauna.

Sauna Bath Room

Sauna Bath Room

Steamers India is one of the leading manufacturer in sauna room with 15 years experience.Our products have been Used to over 200 clubs, Hotels, Resorts, Hospitals, ITI, Govemerment Organistaion, Military Organisation & Residentials and regions due to competitive price and high quality. Our company implements a strict quality control system and has obtained many quality Experience and so on, therefore our company enjoy a great reputation in India & overseas market. We have enough strength and confidence to provide high quality products and the most competitive price in the global area to our customers. OEM is alailable and acceptable. We are your reliable business parnter and supply you with high quality product and servie.

Sauna Wooden Construction Cabinet

Product Details:
  • Color: Canadian Hemlock
  • Size: Customised_Room
  • Usage: Residential & Commercials

Sauna bath wooden construction

Our Sauna can be customized to suit your space, budget and taste requirements. The outstanding construction surpasses your expectations every time you unwind in your Sauna and ensures an ideal and safe environment. Fine craftsmanship and superior material used produce Saunas that are cool to touch, resistant to distortion, shrinking, discoloration and corrosion.

Salient Features
  • Space saving Sauna generator, can be wall mounted.
  • Adjustable timer personalizes the Sauna duration.
  • Thermostatic temperature control enables comfort setting.
  • Large capacity rock container
  • Minimal temperature fluctuations.
  • Igneous Dolerite rock withstand rapid heating and cooling.
  • Made from tough, heat resistant timber. (Pru…/Pine wood)
  • Wide Sauna benches with contoured back rests and head rests.
  • Sections fit to precision. Adequate ventilation with proper air inlet and outlets.
  • Thermally insulated walls and roof. Stainless steel heating elements.
  • Special thermo-flocking exterior finish.
  • Triple-wall construction for cool-to-the-touch surface.
  • On/off display light indicates mode of operation.
  • Profiled, ergonomic grip-track knobs for easy use.
Sauna Use and Safety GuidelinesFor your enjoyment and safety, follow these procedures:●Before taking a sauna, remove all clothing and jewelry (jewelry may become very hot at sauna temperatures). Shower with soap before use, and wear a towel loosely, where required orappropriate. Drink plenty of water before and after the sauna bath.●Shower with cool water after every 5 to 15 minutes in the sauna. This allows the body to cool, the pores to close, and the body to be refreshed. Do not remain in the sauna beyondyour individual capacity, which may vary from time to time. Allow enough time to relaxcompletely and rest between cycles. Never remain in a sauna longer than it is comfortable.●After the sauna, rinse with cool water to close the pores of the skin. Do not dress until your body has properly cooled. If you dress too soon after the sauna, you will begin to perspirein your clothes.●Keep all plastic, metal, and glass objects out of the sauna, as they can become too hot to touch. If you do intend to drink water while using the sauna, keep the water container onthe lower level.●Do not use the sauna immediately after a full meal or rigorous exercise, as your body’s blood flow is adjusted by these activities. Give your body a few minutes to adjust to a normal statebefore entering the sauna because the sauna will increase your body’s circulation.●Do not smoke, exercise, or drink alcohol in the sauna room. Do not use the sauna while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.●Pregnant women and people with heart disease, diabetes, or either high or low blood pressure are advised to consult a physician before entering a sauna.●Unsupervised use by children or people requiring assistance may be hazardous. ●Do not place or hang any objects above the sauna heater or on the heater guard rail. Do not use the sauna room for drying clothes, towels, bathing suits, or other items.
Additional Information:
  • Item Code: customized_sauna
  • Port of Dispatch: PUNE
  • Production Capacity: 20
  • Delivery Time: 30 days
  • Packaging Details: Standard Saunas Room (SSR) are installed into rooms that are already framed, insulated, wired and sheet rocked. They are offered in various sizes as per your requirement, commonly custom built to fit your exact room using our free CAD design services. We work with you and/or your contractor to make sure your room is designed and installed just the way you want it. The SSR package includes 1/2" thick Canadian Hemlock for the walls and ceiling, 20" wide benches, door, sauna heater, and "DuraGrid" tiles in the walking area. Our standard accessory package includes a pine bucket, pine dipper, thermometer, wall light and head/back rests. These packages are suitable for either residential or commercial applications. The standard SSR sauna is a great way to bring the benefits of sauna into your home, hotel or club at a very affordable price.

Sauna Bath Model SI500N

Product Details:
  • Brand: Steamers India
  • Capacity: 5 Person
  • Color: Light Brown
  • Design: Euro standard design
  • Electric Phase: 3 Phase
  • Light Type: LED color therapy
  • Model Number: SI-500N
  • Power (Kw): 6 kw
  • Power Source: 25 Amps
  • Sauna Room (m): Stone Heater
  • Size: 7'0
  • Spruce Panels: Tongue and groove
  • Stove Heater (Kw): 6 KW
  • Temperature (deg. Fahrenheit): 85* Deg
  • Tempered Glass Door (mm): 8 mm
  • Usage: Domestic and commercial
  • Voltage (V): 440 Volt
  • Way Of Control: Digital control panel
  • Wood Bucket: Yes
  • Wood Finishing: Light Brown
  • Wood Ladle (cm): 10cm

Sauna Bath Room

  • Model no SI500N
  • Capacity : 5 person
  • Wooden material: Canadian Hemlock
  • Heater capacity: 6 Kw with lava stones
  • Control: Digital control panel
  • Light: LED colour changing Light
  • Seating: double layer bench
  • Door: Toughen Glass door

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: SI-500N
  • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer)
  • Port of Dispatch: Pune
  • Production Capacity: 10
  • Delivery Time: 8 to 10 working days
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